Energy law

Our focus is on the energy law with a strong specification for the law of renewable energies and co-generating. The consultation service is wide ranged from project planning, organisation, contruction, grid connection, operation, trade and consumption as well as energy, heat and gas.

The commercial law, the private building law, the procurement law and real estate are also offered for a comprehensive consultation of energy projects.

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Private building law

Planning and construction of energy facilities and power generators, energy efficient buildings, general contractor services

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Commercial law

contract law, contracting, company law,
commercial law in energy industry and residential sector

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Procurement law

National and european procurement procedures for energy import, energy-related services, construction of power generators and concessions.

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| Economy law

Concretisation into a citizen energy company in the EEG 2017

In its decision of 5th September 2018, the Higher Regional Court (OLG) of Düsseldorf has determined the requirements for a citizen energy company and for the permissible form of the management authority in a GmbH & Co. KG in concrete terms. Accordingly, the authority of the management of a civil energy partnership to decide on the amount of the bids to be submitted, to increase limited partnership contributions or to accept limited partners does not lead to an erosion of the voting rights of the shareholders of a civil energy partnership contrary to the purpose of § 36g EEG 2017. (OLG Düsseldorf, Decision of 05.09.2018 - Case No.: 3 Kart 80/17 (V))
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| Energy law

Verification by the environmental verifier for the modernization of hydropower plants

In its decision of 26. 09. 2018, the Higher Regional Court of Hamm confirmed that the evidence required for claiming financial support for the modernization of a hydropower plant in the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) must already have been provided in the pre-trial phase. The purpose of the possible verification by an expert under the EEG is to enable the grid operator to determine whether the requirements have been met. If this is not possible due to a lack of information in the expert opinion, it can no longer be done in court proceedings, as otherwise the cost risk would be shifted to the network operator. (OLG Hamm, Decision of 26th September 2018 - Case No.: 30 U 4/18)
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Events & appointments

Wed, 06.03.2019

Photon Seminar regarding the EEG and Energy Law 2019

Full day seminar
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Wed, 13.03.2019

Energy Storage Europe

Frequency Containment Reserve with Batteries - Legal Requirements for Grid Connection and entering the Market
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Thu, 21.03.2019

Spreewind Offshore

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Wed, 27.03.2019

Photon Seminar regarding the EEG and Energy Law 2019

Full day seminar
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