Energy law

Our focus is on the energy law with a strong specification for the law of renewable energies and co-generating. The consultation service is wide ranged from project planning, organisation, contruction, grid connection, operation, trade and consumption as well as energy, heat and gas.

The commercial law, the private building law, the procurement law and real estate are also offered for a comprehensive consultation of energy projects.

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Private building law

Planning and construction of energy facilities and power generators, energy efficient buildings, general contractor services

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Commercial law

contract law, contracting, company law,
commercial law in energy industry and residential sector

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Procurement law

National and european procurement procedures for energy import, energy-related services, construction of power generators and concessions.

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| Economy law

Retroactive adjustment of invoices and entitlement to deduct input tax – permanent torch in VAT law

In its judgment of 22 January 2020, BFH decided, in the context of the assessment of performance relationships in the course of the construction of a bioenergy park, that the retroactive effect of an invoice adjustment in the event of deduction of input VAT applies irrespective of whether the adjustment has an effect to the advantage or disadvantage of the beneficiary. The planning, delivery and installation of the own demand supply as well as the energy drainage were owed. Cancellation of an invoice together with the issuance of a new invoice replacing it may also have such retroactive effect. An invoice is also "incorrect"; within the meaning of § 31 para. 5 sentence 1 letter. b VATDV (Value Added Tax Implementing Regulation) if it has been completely reversed and the value added tax paid has been repaid in agreement with all parties involved. (BFH, Dec. of 22.01.2020 - Case No.: XI R 10/17)
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| Energy law

Amendments to the Wind Energy-to-Sea Act: Digitisation of planning and approval procedures

On 29 June, the Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on the planning safeguards law, which came into force in May 2020, introduced the tool of online consultation, initially limited to the duration of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In connection with the amendments to the WindSeeG adopted by the Federal Government today, the formal consultation of the authorities to be involved has been replaced by the publication of the relevant planning documents on the Internet (§ 6 para. 10, § 12 para. 2a, para. 4 sentences 2 and 3, § 47 para. 6 WindSeeG). A further step towards bringing administrative procedures into the digital age. And unlike the Planning Security Act, the tool of this online consultation is no longer tied to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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BDEW Akademie Seminar

Electricity storage in the current energy law
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