Energy law

Our focus is on the energy law with a strong specification for the law of renewable energies and co-generating. The consultation service is wide ranged from project planning, organisation, contruction, grid connection, operation, trade and consumption as well as energy, heat and gas.

The commercial law, the private building law, the procurement law and real estate are also offered for a comprehensive consultation of energy projects.

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Private building law

Planning and construction of energy facilities and power generators, energy efficient buildings, general contractor services

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Commercial law

contract law, contracting, company law,
commercial law in energy industry and residential sector

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Procurement law

National and european procurement procedures for energy import, energy-related services, construction of power generators and concessions.

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| Energy law

Testing competence of the BNetzA in the tendering process for onshore wind energy

In a decision of 11 March 2020, the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (OLG) commented on whether the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) is obliged to examine the legality of the licensing authority's immission-related decision in the context of the tender to determine the financial support for onshore wind energy plants. The court came to the conclusion that in the case of § 36f para. 2 p. 1 EEG 2017, it depends solely on the actual approval situation, i. e. depends on whether the competent licensing authority has granted a modification permit under immission control law. This applies accordingly to the existence of an approval for modification. For this reason, in the specific case, the contract was to be rejected in the invitation to tender, as a modification permit already existed and it was irrelevant to the BNetzA whether a new BImSch permit should have been issued by the permitting authority ( OLG Düsseldorf, Declaration of 11. 03. 2020 - Ref: 3 Kart 772/19)
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| Economy law

Modernisation of German partnership law

The expert commission set up by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection issued a statement on 20. 04. 2020 a draft law for the modernisation of the law on partnerships was presented. The draft provides for comprehensive reforms of German company law, some of which dates back to the 19th century. It is to be adapted to the practice of corporate law and to the needs of modern business life. In particular, the reforms affect the legal form of GbRs, for which a register similar to the commercial register is to be introduced in which they can - voluntarily - register themselves. Furthermore, the draft MOPEG is intended to explicitly enshrine the freedom to structure articles of association in the law. Commercial partnerships should also be available for freelancers (i. e. for example B. architects, dentists or lawyers), as far as the respective #professional law allows it. The expert commission has not yet proposed a specific date for the entry into force of MOPEG.
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Wed, 04.11.2020

BDEW Akademie Seminar

Electricity storage in the current energy law
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