Energy law

Our focus is on the energy law with a strong specification for the law of renewable energies and co-generating. The consultation service is wide ranged from project planning, organisation, contruction, grid connection, operation, trade and consumption as well as energy, heat and gas.

The commercial law, the private building law, the procurement law and real estate are also offered for a comprehensive consultation of energy projects.

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Private building law

Planning and construction of energy facilities and power generators, energy efficient buildings, general contractor services

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Commercial law

contract law, contracting, company law,
commercial law in energy industry and residential sector

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Procurement law

National and european procurement procedures for energy import, energy-related services, construction of power generators and concessions.

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| Co-generating

Act to accelerate the expansion of power lines on the way

The Federal Government initiates the parliamentary procedure with the draft law for the acceleration of the power line extension of 28. 01. 2019 (BT-Drs. 19/7375). The Act provides for corrections to the Transmission System Network Expansion Acceleration Act"; (NABEG) as well as accompanying amendments to other laws, in particular the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). The law is to lead to an increase in transport capacities through the expansion and upgrading of the high-voltage and high-voltage grids. To this end, the planning and approval procedures in particular are to be simplified.
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| Co-generating

Self-sufficiency & general electricity supply in the real estate industry

The #Clearingstelle #EEG #KWKG has already published on December 13, 2018, a notice on #self-sufficiency for so-called general electricity. Self-sufficiency within the meaning of § 61 EEG 2017 also applies in the case of personal identity between the plant operator and the operator of consumption facilities for cooling or heating parts of buildings, community lighting and lifts. In this respect, the Clearingstelle EEG KWKG creates legal clarity for the use of #solar plants and #BHWK in the real estate industry. At the same time, the necessary differentiation from other electrical quantities, e. g. #tenant electricity is pointed out. (Clearingstelle EEG KWKG, Note from 13. 12. 2018 - Ref. : 2018/10)
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Events & appointments

Thu, 27.02.2020

Impuls presentation: EEG-levy and electricity storage

Business-breakfast; annual conference of Forum Contracting e.V.
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Thu, 05.03.2020

Keyword recuperation – Is the elektromobile an own generation plant?

2. eMobil@Immobilien: Holistic approaches to solutions for electromobility in combination with real estate
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Wed, 11.03.2020

Legal framework for the mobility of the future

Energy Storage Europe (ESE) - Legal Workshop
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Tue, 17.03.2020

PPA Power Purchase Agreement or „just“ electricity supply contract

Boltenhagen an der Ostsee
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