Janine Sheerin

Legal and Notary Assistant


German, English

Phone +49 (0)30 20 188 328
E-Mail sheerin@brahms-kollegen.de

Resume and career

Since September 2020

Janine is part of the team of Brahms, Nebel & Kollegen.

Between June till Juli 2020

Janine was employed as a legal clerk at the law firm Möbius with a focus on rental and housing law.

Between September 2010 till May 2020

she moved to Hagen law firm with a focus on labour law. Her responsibilities included general and legal correspondence, time and appointment management, travel planning, collection and enforcement.

Between April 1995 till September 2010

Janine was employed at the Rädle law firm with a focus on tax law, where she took on the function of office manager. Her strengths include determination, assertiveness and organisational talent.

Between July 1994 till March 1995,

after her training as a legal clerk, Janine worked as a jumper in different areas (companies, public authorities and law firms) to support and bridge bottlenecks.