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Fields of expertise

Energy law
Contract law
Procurement law


Renewable energy
Utility industry
Real estate

Professional memberships, function

BVES Bundesverband Energiespeicher
Forum Contracting
Fraunhofer ISE Modellprojekt APV-RESOLA
Deutsch-Französisches Büro für die Energiewende
PEE Plattform Erneuerbare Energien Baden-Württemberg

Resume and career

Since October 2017

In October 2017, lawyer Dr. Florian Brahms founded the independent office BRAHMS & KOLLEGEN in Berlin in form of an energy right boutique office with the focus on renewable energy and decentralised energy and warm concepts. On this occasion, Dr. Brahms decisively advises decentralized energy concepts regarding energy as well as warmth through use of renewable energy, energy storage and electric mobility. Furthermore, he also focus onto the comprehensive consultation regarding energy law as well as civil building law by project development and implementation of wind parks. Furthermore Dr. Brahms is also holding presentations and publishing in the field of energy law or energy-related juridical topics by picking up new developements like e.g. blockchain.

Between April 2016 and September 2017

In April 2016, Dr. Brahms changed to RoeverBrönnerSusatMazars Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbh (now Mazars Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbh) in Berlin and built up an energy-juridical department which argued with all questions of the energy right. There Dr. Brahms guided/ supported/accompanied various complicated procedures – in particular the establishment of energy societies as part of a contracting in the residental industry as well as the structuralisation of wind parks with several different wind energy arrangements.

Between November 2011 and April 2016

November 2011 Mr. Brahms changed to the lawyer’s society mbH MASLATON and joined the energy law team. Within the scope of this job, Mr. Brahms supported various projects regarding Photovoltaik, biogas and wind energy. At first, the focus lay on the consultation in the area of the support according to the renewable energy law (EEG) and co-generating-law (KWKG), however, applied with increasing work experience also to the civil building law within the scope of the project development and establishment of energy arrangements. Beside the activity as a lawyer, Mr. Brahms wrote his thesis to the comlex subject of “direct marketing in the EEG” at the University of Technology of Chemnitz, which he concluded in February 2016 successfully.

Events & appointments

Thu, 10.10.2019

BDEW Akademie Seminar “Energy storage on current energy law”

Wed, 13.03.2019

Energy Storage Europe

Frequency Containment Reserve with Batteries - Legal Requirements for Grid Connection and entering the Market
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Wed, 28.11.2018

Photon Seminar regarding the EEG and Energy Law 2018

full- day seminar
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Tue, 06.11.2018

27. Windenergietage

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