High professional expert's assessment and background

For the development of precise solutions and imbedding in the legal frame, it requires a high scientific expert´s assessment of our lawyers and employees which must be flanked by a deep background. To ensure this, our lawyers are motivated to publish academically and to look for exchange with experts not only at purely juridical professional events but also branch meetings beside.

Wellfounded basis for decision-making

Though we are not able to take the decision for you to determine for or against an investment, however, we are showing you a wellfounded basis for decion-making which point out the juridical risks and solutions to secure your concept or answer your juridical questions. This is given to you compactly and pragmatically, so that you can realize your project successfully and always maintain the overview of the juridical risks.

Transparency of costs

Besides, we offer you cost transparency by the submission of obliging quotations for before co-ordinated consultation offers. In this respect we deviate from the regulations of the lawyer’s reimbursement law (briefly: RVG), though, you can estimate immediately the costs of the legal advice or the development of the contract concept.

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Our contribution to the environment protection

Sustainable consultation must also be sustainable!
We also have dedicated ourselves to protect the environment and have taken various measures to avoid CO2-emission as far as possible.


Environmentally friendly paper

In our office we exclusively use FSC-certified paper, which carries Germany’s “Blue Angel” seal. This guarantees that the paper can be 100% recycled and has avoided the use of chemicals such as chlorine a.o.
Independent thereof, we try to reduce paper consumption to the minimum whilst keeping in mind all legal obligations to preserve records.
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Train instead of airplane

Our lawyers are asked to use the train for journey to events, exhibitions, or appointments with clients. Our employees are provided with a discount train travel card so that travelling is carried out using 100% green electricity.
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Climate-friendly hosting

Our WordPress Hosting is climate positive! We are happy that we host our site at Raidboxes. The data centres and the Raidboxes office run on guaranteed hydropowered green electricity.

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