We advise you on all public law issues relating to the preparation and implementation of complex infrastructure projects and ensure the eligibility of projects from a procedural and substantive point of view. This includes, in particular, the legal authorization management for power generation plants and energy infrastructure, taking into account all environmental requirements.

We enforce licensing and permit claims in court and support you in the defence of opposing lawsuits and in urgent applications, so that projects and plans can be implemented in a timely manner. We advise you with foresight allowing you to always “hold the reins”. This means that priority should always be given to an amicable settlement.

IIn the area of Pollution Control Law, we advise you on licensing and planning procedures – in particular on wind energy plants with all their implications for water legislation, nature conservancy law or aviation law. We offer complete support and assistance for approval procedures, starting from the initial idea up to the handling of subsequent directives from the authorities.

In Planning Law, we advise project promoters and municipalities on the establishment or modification of land development plans, land utilisation or town planning, as well as on the conclusion of urban development contracts.

Our clients:

  • Project investors, project developers and operators of energy plants, in particular renewable energiesInvestors, buyers and sellers of infrastructure projects

    Companies from the real estate industry, housing companies and builders

    Start-up companies in the energy sector

    Investors and banks

    Public authorities/Public contracting authorities and local enterprises

    Agricultural enterprises

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Dr. Julian Asmus Nebel
Phone +49 (0)30 20 188 328
Email nebel@brahms-kollegen.de

Julian Kleinformat

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Julian Arnold
Phone +49 (0)30 20 188 328
Email arnold@brahms-kollegen.de

Julian Arnold

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