Litigation and Arbitration

We advise you with foresight and with the proviso that you always keep the reins in your own hands. This includes the fact that, due to the complexity of energy and real estate law disputes, an amicable settlement should always have priority. In this way, out-of-court disputes with the opposing party are dealt with in order to facilitate a compromise between the parties.

If a legal dispute nevertheless has to be conducted in court, our experienced, tactically and strategically skilled litigators will argue competently and emphatically for your interests. The aim is to present the judges appointed to make a decision in a compact and comprehensible manner, especially with regard to energy law and real estate law, thus paving the way for a positive decision in favour of our clients.

We represent you in our consulting areas nationwide in all judicial and arbitration proceedings. The company is mainly involved in civil and administrative court proceedings, including the assertion of defects against the builders of energy plants, disputes about the scope of energy supply and price adjustments, termination of heat supply contracts, competition disputes in the planning of wind energy plants, enforcement of grid connections against grid operators as well as judicial clarification of questions of interpretation of the EEG or EnWG.

We enforce approval and approval claims in court and support you in the defence of opposing lawsuits and urgent applications so that projects and plans can be realised in a timely manner.

Our activities also include the enforcement of claims and the defence of reclaims in disputes concerning subsidies and grants.

Our clients:

  • Buyers and sellers of energy projects
  • Project planner of energy plants
  • Operators of energy plants (wind energy, solar plants, biogas plants, geothermal plants, electricity and heat storage facilities, operators of customer plants)
  • Project companies, start-up companies in the energy sector,
  • housing companies, contractors, heat suppliers
  • Agricultural enterprises,
    Public authorities / Public contracting authorities and local enterprises

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