We offer an extensive consultation on energy law, energy industry law and in particular the law of renewable energy and co-generating. The energy law is an interdisciplinary matter, dealing with all legal questions regarding energy, heat, gas and mobility. These fields are governed by a high level of legal and official regulations, which are increasingly shaped by european influences, like network codes. Furthermore this legal matter is characterized by numerous participants of the value chain like in particular energy producers, measuring point operators, net operators, energy traders, energy suppliers, energy stock exchanges as well as different last consumer groups.

Within the scope of the electricity supply and gas supply are various legal basis to be found, which are to be considered within the scope of a comprehensive consultation. Decisive laws are in particular the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), the co-generating law (KWKG) and the Smart Meters Operation Act (MsbG) as well as the regulations remitted on their basis (for example, Electricity Network Fee Regulation or Electricity Network Access Regulation) belong to the decisive laws. On this occasion, the energy right focuses on the aim of supply guarantee, the economical energy supply and sustainability or environmental compatibility.

The competition and the cost efficiency of the energy supply is decisively shaped by the EnWG. Decentralised energy concepts hereby play an essential role by exceptions of the customer installations for company´s self-supply and closed distribution systems. The competition for the net of the general care is guaranteed by the concession assignment to be carried out every 20 years by the local authority districts, having a strong imprint by the administration of justice.

The environmental compatibility of the energy supply is supported by the legislator in particular about the regularly amended promotion laws EEG and KWKG. Decisive pillars of the support are the priority mains connection, the priority decrease and distribution of the energy as well as the financial support whose costs are to be borne by the final consumers within the scope of a legal reallocation mechanism. Especially in this area there are also developed new technologies and concepts, which must be estimated in the topical juridical frame. Moreover in particular the Integrated Energy, Power-To-X and energy storage.

Our clients:

  • Project engineers and operators of renewable-energy-facilities (wind, photovoltaik, biogas, water energy);
  • project engineers and operators of heat energy generators, co-generating, energy storage and heat storage;
  • project engineers and operators of heat- and cooling systems, customer´s plants, closed distribution network, substations, meter operators, energy supply company,
  • energy traders, heat suppliers,
  • building society, contractors, industrial and commercial enterprises, associations from the energy branch

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