Within the scope of our consultation activity the general commercial law is consulted in particular in connection with energy-juridical focus. In this respect the legal relations between the enterprises which cannot be assigned to the classical energy right is a subject of investigation. We support you by purchase and sale of energy projects and are developing the contracts necessary for this or by accompany within the scope of a Due Diligence check. Further all society-juridical and group-juridical questions are often an object of the legal advice, in particular with spin-offs of energy societies from a parent group.

Our clients:

  • Purchaser and seller of energy projects;
  • project societies, startUp-companies at the energy field, building societies

Your contact persons

Patrizia Zorn
Phone +49 (0)30 20 188 328
Email zorn@brahms-kollegen.de

Patricia Zorn

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Johannes Kauffmann LL.M.
Phone +49 (0)30 20 188 328
Email kauffmann@brahms-kollegen.de

Johannes Kauffmann

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