• solarpanel

    Energy law

    The company focuses on energy law and especially to the law governing renewable energies and combined heat and power. The consultation service covers a wide range – from project planning, organisation, construction, grid connection, operation, trade, and consumption – in the areas of electricity, heat, and gas.

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  • pinwheel-4550711_1920

    Environmental and planning law

    We offer comprehensive advice in the fields of energy and energy-management legislation, in particular the laws concerning renewable energies and combined heat and power.  Energy law is an interdisciplinary matter that covers all legal questions, such as electricity, heat, gas, and mobility.

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  • Rotes Rathaus

    Public funding and subsidy law

    We offer comprehensive advice in all matters concerning national and European public founding procedures. A core area of our activities lies in the area of public funding and subsidy in the field of energy as well as public funding and subsidy in agriculture


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  • Wirtschaftsrecht

    Commercial law

    General commercial law is used within the context of our consulting activities, in particular focusing on a connection with energy law. The subject matter is the legal relationship between companies that cannot be classified under traditional energy law.

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  • the-federal-administrative-court-in-leipzig-4463232_1280

    Litigation and arbitration

    We advise you with foresight and with the proviso that you always maintain the control in your own hands. This includes that due to the complexity of energy and real estate law disputes, an amicable settlement should always be given priority.

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  • Baustelle

    Public and Private Building Law

    Within the framework of public and private building law, we advise and support our clients in the development of contracts and the approval procedures involved with the implementation of energy and infrastructure projects

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  • warsaw-996626_1920

    Banking and Financing Law

    We provide comprehensive advice on banking and financing law, in particular on the financing of energy projects. Both international and national renewable energy projects are becoming increasingly complex due to new marketing approaches and sector coupling. This also has an impact on financing.

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  • wind-power-5434278_1920

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    We advise buyers and sellers of energy projects and other companies in the renewable energy sector in all phases of the transaction.

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  • pexels-pok-rie-1655166


    Mediation is usually cheaper than court proceedings and takes less time. It is designed to find a long-term satisfactory solution for all parties involved, which allows the business relationship to continue and thus offers the parties added value.

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