• Fassade

    Residential industry

    Within the framework of the housing industry, we advise both private and public housing associations, as well as condominium owners associations and property developers in all energy-related matters.

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  • Lichter

    Power supply

    Intelligent and sustainable energy concepts, which are also economical, rely increasingly on a decentralized energy supply. We are able to offer you wide-ranging advice, due to our experience in the area of decentralized energy supply.

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  • Windenergie

    Wind energy

    In the field of wind energy, we provide comprehensive advice to project developers, operating companies, suppliers, property owners and civil energy companies in connection with their construction, operation and sale, as well as investors in the purchase of wind parks.

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  • Strommast

    Sector coupling

    Sector coupling is an essential cornerstone of the energy revolution in order to develop varying flexibility in the areas of electricity, gas, heating and transport. In this particular area, which offers a wealth of new business fields, it is important to keep in mind the intersections between the individual sectors, which are governed by widely varying legal regulations.


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  • Solarpanel

    Solar energy

    Solar energy is one source of a decentralized and citizen-oriented energy transition. Whether as a rooftop system combined with electricity storage systems in the areas of housing and/or commerce, or as an open space system with a high megawatt output, the possibilities of using solar energy for the generation of electricity and heat in any size have achieved great success.

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  • biogas-2919235_1280


    As one of the essential contributors to the energy revolution, bio-energy reduces CO2 emissions in both the heating and electricity sectors. In addition, many bio-energy plants (biogas, bio methane, solid or liquid biomass) offer considerable potential to ensure the necessary flexibility in the electricity market.

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  • Batterie


    Storage facilities have a prominent role in today’s energy system, regardless of whether electricity, heat or gas is stored. Storage systems increase flexibility, especially when the energy supply is based on piping systems. In particular, the use of storage facilities decouples generation and consumption from one another.

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  • road-220058_960_720


    A transition in transport has also begun, and the electrification of mobility, whether on land, in the air or water, will be subject to significant changes in order to achieve the climate targets. One of the most important developments in the area of electro mobility is the transformation of the automobile industry from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

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  • Immobilienwirtschaft

    Real estate industry

    The real estate market has been experiencing a dynamic development for many years, which is reflected in the constant development of German real estate law, both through new laws and amendments to laws and case law. As a result, complex demands are made on legal advice on all aspects of commercial real estate.

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