• Fassade

    Residential industry

    Within the framework of the residential industry, we advise both -private and public housing associations,as well as condominium owners’ associations (WEG) and property developers in all energy-related matters.

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  • Lichter

    Power supply

    Intelligent and sustainable energy concepts, which are also economical, are increasingly relying on a decentralized energy supply.

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  • Windenergie

    Wind energy

    In the field of wind energy, we provide comprehensive advice to project developers, system operators, suppliers, property owners and civil energy companies in connection with the construction, operation and sale as well as investors in the purchase of wind farms.

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  • Strommast

    Sector interlinking

    Sector interlinking is an essential cornerstone of the energy revolution in order to develop the different flexibilities of the sectors electricity, gas, heating and transport.

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  • Solarpanel

    Solar energy

    Solar energy is one of the girders of the decentralised and citizen-oriented energy revolution.

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  • biogas-2919235_1280


    Bioenergy as one of the essential cornerstones of the energy transition reduces CO2 emissions in both the heating and electricity sectors.

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  • Batterie


    Storage facilities have a prominent role in today’s energy system, regardless of whether electricity, heat or gas storage.

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